Become a birth professional, or take CEU’s.

Become a certified birth doula, postpartum doula, or take professional workshops.

Become part of a local community that works with you and supports you throughout your entire career.

Birth Doula Training

Are you passionate about preconception, pregnancy, and birth? Learn how to best support a person in this role all while being supported with local mentorship.

Postpartum Doula Training

Support families during the postpartum period. Help them to become the best and most equipped family they can be, while receiving local mentorship.

Bereavement Workshop

Learn about the grief process and how to best help support families during this time. This workshop offers 6.5 hours of CEU’s.

Advanced Comfort Techniques Workshop

Using a rebozo is not about the tool, but the connection between the persons. Come learn about the culture behind what a rebozo is, while practicing techniques that many generations have used before us.

Doula Business Class

Did you take a doula training but don’t have the slightest clue how to run your own business? Get all the necessary information in this 8 hour course on how to run a successful doula practice.

Breastfeeding Basics

A class for parents and professionals. Interested in learning more about the basics of breastfeeding and how to properly nourish yourself for the optimal breast milk? Join us for a 2 hour breastfeeding class taught by lactation specialist Aryel Sawdey followed by an hour focused on nutrition and nutritional support taught by holistic nutritionist Brittany Randolph.


” The act of education, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for, and assisting a person prenatally, during labor, childbirth and after.”


Let’s create a better supported community.

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